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About Us

About Us

We thought to Work against Pollution, Global Warming and Hazzardous Waste and put forward a small step towards Clean Energy, Green Energy. By making solar energy available in cheap and abundant for various industries without compromising the environment. In this way we reduce electricity consumption from Grid during day time. This helps to reducing global warming effect at the same time we save power for nation.

For better and prompt results we decided to work under banner and Brand which assure people for trust, purity and reliability. This way we collect our efforts under the name of BENUPOWER


Our Mission

Save Earth

Our Vision

Pure Energy

Our Goals

Carbon Free Energy


Work Force

Research and Development

Continuos Development holds key to success. We develop of our own, borrow from experts, and outsource so as to match customer demands and to keep ourselves updated.

Sales and Marketing

We on Field not only understand the appropriate need of our esteemed customers but place it gently in our systematic framework, and offer the best pricing as well.


This one is another best part of our team. Apart from designing, In general one can identify two major part of this:

  • Manufacturing:

    Each case here is different, We design and manufacture the system according to location, requirement and feasibility at customers end and built the system accordingly.

  • Monitoring and maintaining:

    We don't sale system unless and until it is special request from customer; hence as the system remains our own property we monitor it continuosly. A special team for preventive maintenance and repair is appointed.