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Our Approach


Depending on Nature & requirement of the installer, BENUPOWER will prepare Project.



After approval from both the parties, company will arrange the technology, Machinery, Funds & other necessary arrangements to get the project functional.



As we assured there will be ABSOLUTE ZERO INVESTMENT from installer (The Company which allows Benu power to do the project on their roof top).



​​As India is located near equator, we get abundant amount of sunlight throughout the year.

But at the same time in India we have monsoon season, due to monsoon(specially clouds), fog and other reasons of bad light, It is consider for 60 days, as west.

Hence out of 365 days, we get at list 300 sunny days to work with sun light.​

Generally people fix the solar panel in fix pallet type of solar system; in which we get 5.5 Hrs. a day to work with sun.

Due to unique roof top tracker system in BENUPOWER solar system, we get output up to 7.5 Hrs. a day

So with this unique roof top tracker system, we get up to 2250Hrs. every year. To produce electricity from sun light, to power your company through clean and green solar power.


More solar energy used is more energy save

And more energy saving is more earning for company

Technical Analysis

Generally solar panels installed as fix position frames. This low maintenance technique, is easy to install and low for maintenance. During day time this system gives output for about 5.5 Hrs.as shown in graph bellow

To use the solar panel more efficiently, we need to use maximum amount of sun light available during day time.

Benupower uses roof top solar system with tracker. This way we increase the efficiency of whole system considerably.

The tracker tracks position of the sun in the sky & automatically adjust the panel’s position accordingly.​

Advantages of the system

  • System starts working comparatively early in the morning.
  • System reaches to its maximum in less time.
  • System remains to its maximum output for long time
  • System shuts down comparatively late In the evening

This way the productivity of the whole system increase by around 35% to 40%.